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Our Vision

The company predictes business will grow in the field of HVAC and water& wastewater projects in Jordan and other territories in the Middle East. We see the company consolidating its position in providing first class products supported by first class after-sales service as well as training current and future decision makers. .

Our Mission

is to provide the latest and most advanced products and services together with quality customer support and service. It has positioned itself as the contact of first instance for the current product range. New high calibre staff is constantly being sought while the current staff is continuously trained in order to improve their skills and help share in the company's vision. The company's fundamental values and ideals are reflected not only in the product or service we provide, but also in our relations with our customers, employees, partners and our surroundings.

Historical Background

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Sadara Investment Co. WLL. (SADARA) was established in 2006 as a Joint Venture between Nicolas Peridakis & Partners Co. (PERIDAKIS) and United Pioneering Business for Trade & Investment (UPB). Prior to this strategic partnership PERIDAKIS were the exclusive distributors for Grundfos pumps since 1962. UPB was and still is one of the leading diversified Jordanian companies in several fields including HVAC.


From 2007 to 2009 SADARA establishing a customised Training Centre dedicated to training various professionals in pumps and pumping systems at no charge. The courses were tailor made for each different sector or level of trainees who included consultants, contractors, water authorities, university engineering students, civil defence, Army Corps of Engineers and many others.

The purpose of this training centre was two-fold; first, to raise the standard of understanding what pumps and pumping systems are, and second, to facilitate discussions and understanding between the various stake holders who will then be more professional in their selection, supply and installation of pumps and/or systems.